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When a disaster strikes, you need solutions fast, yet the process can be daunting. Let us navigate you through the often complicated process of disaster mitigation and insurance restoration and get your property back in order and restore your life. Located in Vero Beach, FL, Navigate Restoration can manage your entire process from mitigation all the way through to completion. Whether you're faced with water damage, mold removal or mold remediation, fire damage or wind damage, our specialists are ready to get to work.

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Navigate Restoration, LLC is readily able to restore every aspect of your residential or commercial property that has been damaged by fire, hurricane, flood, or any other kind of catastrophe. The final step after any home or building restoration is restoring the air quality.

How We Do It:

Step 1:

Remove any remaining water from all rooms, floors, and furniture that were damaged by a flood or other disaster. The most common source of bad odor is water damage or mold growth resulting from that damage. Removing any standing water is the first step in restoring your home's air quality.

Step 2:

Dry out all areas affected by water damage through dehumidifiers, industrial dryers, and blowers to increase air circulations and quickly prevent water from causing further damage or mold and odor growth.

Step 3:

Restore damaged property to its original quality through a thorough cleaning and sanitation process. By cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces in your home, we eliminate any residual smells that may have been absorbed while in the poor environment.

Water damage cleanup and remodel of bathroom in Vero Beach